They say that you cannot succeed without a certain amount of failure along the road.  In fact, I read an interesting study on the physiology of learning and it declared that you learn more deeply by making mistakes.

It isn't all that often that a new idea or project ends in total failure for me, though.  This particular design ran me into several dead-ends and I have decided to shelve it for now.

Read the original description here :-

"The Union Electracoustic is an experimental guitar that is still under construction. When complete it is intended to bridge the gap between acoustic guitar sound and electric guitar sound in one instrument.

I know what you're thinking - "That's been done before." But never quite from this angle.

One way to do it has been to add a magnetic pickup to an acoustic guitar and run it through and amp. This has been hugely successful for acoustic players who want to add that raw "guitar though an amp" sound. (e.g. John Butler) But you still have to PLAY an acoustic guitar with its inherent differences - heavier guage strings, harder to bend, less upper fret access.

There are also piezo systems that can be added to an electric guitar to give an "acoustic" sound, but so far I have found them to be very artificial sounding with a distinct piezo "quack" and an unnatural frequency balance. It's passable for limited use but less than great.

So I thought "How can I get a great acoustic tone and and fantastic electric tone and have the playability of an electric, too." This protoype, when complete, might provide that answer. Stay tuned..."

Well, thanks for staying tuned.  The latest update on this is "project shelved".  But I am very happy with the new body shape that has evolved out of it.  I think I'll use it for more fixed bridge designs.  What do you think?  Stay tuned...