These sound samples were recorded using a Union Ventura guitar with the pick-up selector in the neck-out-of-phase position. (Texas Specials) The amp was a Union Darlington 45 set for a fairly clean sound through a Union Standard 2x12" cab with 2 Celestion 12H30's. They were recorded direct onto a hand-held digital recorder - no enhancements or other effects have been added.

(I have played a lick twice for each sample - first time with pedal OFF, then pedal is ON for the second time through.)
Sample 1 -  Clean Boost
This setting gives quite a sizeable volume kick - without adding too much dirt to the sound.  Great for country and blues, or just boosting up the level of an already gritty sound.  (Sadly, due to the compression of the recording medium, this sound sample doesn't do justice to the huge amount of level increase available.  It really can be massive!)

Sample 2  -  Gritty Rhythm
This is a typical "American" bluesy rhythm tone with a soft edge to the distortion.

Sample 3  -  Solo
This setting provides a fairly thick, sustaining tone with a large volume boost for soloing.